Looking for tips to sell your home more quickly, and maybe even at a higher price?

A common mistake sellers often make is failing to see their home from the perspective of a BUYER. Here are a few helpful tips to ramp up interest in your home:

1. Make your home available for showings. Seems obvious, right? But one of the most frequent complaints real estate agents have is that the home is not accessible. By keeping the dishwasher empty, the bathrooms sparkling, and the floors free of dust bunnies, your home will be ready and in tip-top shape to present to buyers whenever they come a calling.

2. Remember—first impressions are lasting ones. Does your home have curb appeal?  Adding colorful flowers and lush shrubbery to your home’s exterior makes it much more inviting. And don’t forget to pay particular attention to your entry area. Rotted doorframes or cracks in brick or concrete pathways sends a signal your home is not well-maintained.

3. Eliminate clutter! The way you LIVE in a home, and the way you SELL a home, are two very different things. As precious as little Susie’s refrigerator artwork may be or no matter how much you treasure Uncle Henry’s collection of pencil sharpeners, most buyers will not share your enthusiasm. Bear in mind your goal is to highlight your home’s FEATURES, not detract with personal items. The less “clutter,” the better.

4. Buyers value a light and airy home. Make sure to remove heavy drapes, de-smudge your windows, replace dusty lampshades, and swap out low wattage lightbulbs for those with higher lumens. The brighter and cheerier your house, the more appealing and sellable it becomes!

5. Clean out those closets. If your home is lacking in storage, crammed closets will only emphasize a shortage. Removing one-half of your stuff and keeping closets clean and       organized will give the impression there’s adequate space. 

6. Conceal the critters. No one wants to walk into your house and be greeted by a growling dog or a hissing cat. Don’t forget to remove fur balls, litter boxes and food bowls. And while you’re at it, enlist one of your neighbors to give your home the “sniff test.” While YOU may not notice it, a non-resident can easily detect pet odors lurking in rugs, carpets, and furniture.

7. Kitchens sell homes—invest in them! Remodeling your kitchen can provide a substantial boost to your selling price. Even budget friendly improvements such as new paint and new cabinet door hardware can make a tremendous difference.

8. Nip potential problems in the bud! Consider getting a home inspection BEFORE you list or show your property. Providing buyers a documented “clean bill of health” offers a non-biased endorsement of your home’s value. 

Happy Selling!