You've spent months pouring over MLS listings, touring properties with your real estate agent, and finally, you found THE perfect home to buy for your family. And what's even more exciting...the bank approved your loan!

Since it’s sure to be smooth sailing from here on out until move-in date, you decide to grab your credit card and buy that brand new refrigerator, bedroom suite, and huge flatscreen TV! Right? Mmm…not so much.

In fact, many borrowers unwittingly make HUGE mistakes (such as buying on credit before closing), which very well could result in your lender deciding just DAYS before the big move to reject your home loan!

Here are 8 ways that could cause you to lose your dream home:

1. Applying for New Credit

2. Making Major Purchases

3. Co-signing Loans

4. Ignoring Lender Requests

5. Falling Behind on Your Bills

6. Changing Jobs

7. Paying Off All of Your Debt

8. Forgetting Seller Concessions

Remember, the job of your real estate agent is provide you with support and guidance during the ENTIRE home buying process, making certain your closing goes through without a hitch!